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yeah, sure's newest release "Hot Brains" is a COVID dream

By Ida V. Eskamani

You probably didn't know you needed a 90's grunge revival band's take on the coronavirus. Yet Orlando's yeah, sure seem to have an uncanny ability to predict our needs with their newest single, Hot Brains. To reverberating guitars and steadfast percussion, vocalist Alex Knight resigns with a relatable weariness, "I'm so sick of being still, I'd do anything just to feel." Though ever-relevant, the song's dream-like drag carries the perfect dose of nostalgia. If not prior to Y2K, then absolutely to pre-pandemic 2020 (remember February)

yeah, sure is (left to right) Jerry Pierce (guitar), Chris Kutsor (guitar), Alex Knight (vocals), Hondu Knight (drums)

yeah, sure is Knight, guitarists Jerry Pierce and Chris Kutsor, and Hondu Knight on the drums. The four are relative newcomers to the Orlando scene and find a sonic home among the sunshine state's inherent crisis and contradictions. Alex Knight perhaps said it best, "the sunshine state is associated with everything from beachy paradise to bath salt-ingesting face-eaters... that contrast of something pretty with messed up stuff going on under the surface is an oddly good description of our sound."

Blending 90's grunge with 60's psychedelic rock, yeah, sure strikes a dreamy dissonance. Their two singles, Hot Brains and Squid Pig, address critical topics of our time, suitable for the sad summer ahead. The band contends they are just getting started, exciting news for our tired spirits. We'll gladly take it.


Ida is an Iranian-American from Florida who grew up with the Beatles, and came of age in the pit. She will talk to you about music for as long as you will pretend to listen. She is founder of Bandifesto, a little blog with a big heart.



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