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To The Music That Moves Us

Written by Marissa Corrente

I love, love, love live music. At the end of 2018, I wrote an article for Bandifesto about the music that moved me that year, focusing on three shows that touched my soul. Writing that article reaffirmed that I needed more live music in m’life, so I committed to making that happen in 2019 and then 2020 too. 

And then our world changed dramatically. 

Car Seat Headrest at the Beacham (Jen Cray Photography for the Orlando Weekly)

So I’m obviously not doing that right now. I’m staying at home, except for an occasional walk and trip to the grocery store. And if staying in helps to put less people at risk, to flatten the curve, and to get us the eff outta this mess sooner, well then I’m obviously in. 

And to be clear it is a mess. Impacted and vulnerable communities are on the front lines of the pandemic - a situation that’s only further exacerbated by the response of some of our leaders. You know, like in Florida where this headline made the rounds or in my new home, when the DC Council failed to include aid for immigrant families in their relief package. As some governments have fallen short, communities have found ways to support one another instead like in DC and Orlando

Goddesses help us, what we’re experiencing is extraordinary. 

And believe me, I know a playlist won’t fix shit

Gregory Alan Isakov at the Buckhead Theater

But I love what this blog is all about: music that moves us. Music that uplifts. That empowers. That resonates. That creates joy. So I thought back to some of the most moving experiences that I’ve had this last year+. And they were my moments at shows, with friends that I love, seeing incredible artists doing their thing, just relishing it all. And especially now, these are cherished, cherished moments. Moments like… 

Black Belt Eagle Scout at the 9:30 Club

Watching Ida Eskamani, the hella talented creator of Bandifesto, get an onstage shoutout from Gabrielle Smith of Gabby’s World. Letting Jacob Banks’ powerful voice just melt over me when he was on tour with Maggie Rogers. Getting green room access annnnd onto a tour bus for one amazing show, which was probably the most serendipitous 24 hours I’ll ever experience. Being captivated by the resounding seven piece band that is Car Seat Headrest for the first time. Exploring DC and getting to know its diverse venues alongside friends. LIZZO. Motherffing, Lizzo, y’all. Summoning up all my courage and going to my first show solo. Seeing both Amythyst Kiah and Yola, two black, country, Americana, women artists, who talked about claiming space in a genre that didn’t always make room for them.   

Tank and the Bangas at the Anthem

What magic it all was - these shows, with m’people, with myself, at those moments in time. 

So I sifted through each of the concerts I went to and curated a playlist based on those experiences, made with love.

It’s not much. It’s not going to lift us out of this shitstorm we’re in. But I hope it helps you, especially now, find music that moves you


Marissa Corrente was in second grade when she saw her first show, Boston's own New Kids On The Block. Though she didn’t have her glasses yet and couldn’t actually see a damn thing-- she heard everything she needed. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Marissa is a total elections geek; her passion for civics brought her from Orlando to Washington, DC. to make the world a better place, Step by Step as NKOTB would say.



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