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The Crystal Casino Band Release New Album “Not About You”

“Not About You” is the latest offering from DC-based indie rock band, The Crystal Casino Band. The fifth album under the DC band’s belt, Not About You continues the personal yet universal themes of singer Pete Stevens’ songwriting with their most collaborative sound to date. Under production supervision from Kyle Downes and Jay Nemeyer (of Color Palette), The Crystal Casino Band’s musical vision is realized, and the band continues to pump out their best work so far.

“Not About You” follows the recent success the band has had with their singles off the album, “Complicated” and “Waste My Time.” The album includes 8 tracks total, 4 previously released by the band and 4 brand new tracks. Instrumentally the band provides upbeat indie rock reminiscent of 2000s indie rock ala The Strokes and The Killers while their lyrics remain personal similar to Death Cab For Cutie in the same era.

“I have always looked at that era for inspiration in my songwriting”, says Stevens, “that era of music for me personally has helped me get through so much, I want to be able to provide that same feeling of comfort for others… and I think we have, just reading through the DMs we receive on instagram I know that others are going through similar situations to the ones we have in our lyrics. It has given me a sense of purpose with this album and I hope that comes across.”



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