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This Week's Mixtape of Music that Moves Us

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Written by Ida V. Eskamani

Bandifesto is a home for music that moves us. Music that shapes the most impactful moments in our lives and the most powerful movements in our communities. Keeping up with the infinite amount of frontier-forging, soul-stirring, movement-making music is certainly an overwhelming challenge. But beyond any challenge, we cherish the exchange of meaningful music. From our hearts to yours, here’s our mini-mixtape of music that’s moving us, presented by Ida V. Eskamani. We hope it moves you too.

"Don’t Be a Stranger" by Nervous Dater

Nervous Dater recently entered my orbit, and I think I’m designating them as one of my moons. Their debut album Don’t Be a Stranger was released in September 2017, and as determined via twitter can be best characterized as “angsty party rock.” Although to make you love them more, it should be noted that the Brooklyn-based band has also described themselves as “the music equivalent of finding out aliens are real but the documents are covered in T-Bell fire sauce.” Don’t Be a Stranger speaks authentically to the heartbreak, self-doubt and anxiety that constantly haunts the best of us, and does so with celebration rock riffs, cathartic breakdowns, and stunningly dynamic vocals. This band is very good at what they do. The title track demonstrates this masterfully produced combination, however the entire album is essential adult emo. Everything may still be terrible, but Don't Be a Stranger will make you feel infinitely better. Check out the title track below.

"City Looks Pretty" by Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is back, and goddamn are we pleased. Barnett never really left— she’s toured the world, released a project co-signed by Kurt Vile, and has been diligently working towards the release of her forthcoming record Tell Me How You Really Feel, out on May 18th. Thus far, the Australian singer-songwriter has released three singles from her anticipated release, with "City Looks Pretty" being the artist’s latest offering. Nearly five minutes long, the track incorporates everything we crave from Barnett: quizzical lyrics that mean nothing and everything all at once, a timeless combination of psych, surf, and rock, and guitar solos that challenge the laws of physics. Check out the track and its accompanied music video below.

"Little Operator" by Nico Vega

Here’s to triumphant returns. Four years since their last release, Nico Vega’s embers caught flame this month with the release of their single “Little Operator.” Marking the end of their hiatus, the track launches with an electric persistence and Aja’s commanding vocals add an undeniable swagger. This track exudes confidence and determination, and sounds unlike anything else we have heard from this band. Nico Vega has never been defined by a particular genre. The trio consistently push themselves to new and unchartered territory, while holding steadfast to their altruistic values. "Little Operator" meets this standard fantastically. There’s no release date for a new record just yet. Until then, we will keep this track on our rotation. Listen below.


Ida is an Iranian-American from Florida who grew up with the Beatles, and came of age in the pit. She will talk to you about music for as long as you will pretend to listen. She is founder of Bandifesto, a little blog with a big heart.



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