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Oslo's Cocktail Slippers Release New Single "Be The One"

The Cocktail Slippers, the raucous five-piece all-woman Rock band from Oslo, Norway, will release 'Shout It Out Loud,' its fifth full-length album (and the act's first in seven years) on September 17 via Wicked Cool Records.

The album, produced by the band, and co-produced by Steven Van Zandt and Mike Hartung, is a ten-song trip through the world of this fiery female troop who wear both their passions and their musical influences on their sleeves.

The bold album title declares that the best way to express one’s self is at the top of your lungs, and trumpets the band's mission to prove just how intensely they mean what they say.

The upcoming album's new single "Be The One" follows on the heels of previously released singles "She Devil (Shout It Out Loud"), "Night Train", "Like A Song Stuck In My Head" and "City On Fire."

The video is a one-take Steadicam shot of the five-piece performing “Be The One” in their rehearsal space. The twist is that Hope (lead vocals) sings the song slowed down by 75 percent of its normal speed while the rest of the group interacts in regular time. Hope describes it best: “It just looks crazy!”

The band says of the new single, "That feeling when you meet someone and you instantly think, “This person is no good at all.” But then you get to know them and it turns out your first gut feeling was way off. “It started out wrong but it turned out right.” The song is actually about falling in love – head over heels – when you weren’t expecting that to happen at all.”



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