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New Track "Doctor Please" by Swiss Blues-Rock Band Peacebone

Peacebone is a Swiss blues-rock band first created in 2016. Its original members are Julien Bonzon (bass guitar), Simon Bradford (drums) and Samuel Lucchini (lead guitar). Lead singer Rebekah Atkinson joined in 2019. With an attractive voice, she brings a groovy and colorful sound to the band’s compositions, creating a unique style. About a year later, the band brought in Adrien Signoret to play rhythm guitar.

Peacebone’s forthcoming album, Metanoïa, releases on October 1st, 2021, and comprises eight tracks. The band has released two singles anticipating the album drop. The first, “Arcane,” was released with a music video on July 30th. The second, “Doctor Please” was just released August 27th with a visualiser, video featured below.

“The track was originally just a chord progression on piano written by Rebekah, our vocalist,” says Peacebone drummer Simon Bradford. “She brought the idea to the band during a practice session. Samuel, our guitarist, had also written a punchy guitar riff that seemed like it would never fit with the chords, as it was very fast and in a weird time signature. We thought it would be interesting if we could bring the two very contrasting styles together."

"After a few practice sessions and much trial and error, we had somewhat figured out how to transition smoothly between the chilled out verses and the intense chorus in a way that we were proud of. We also wanted to end the song with a punch, so Samuel and myself wrote some very 'garage rock' sounding chords inspired by Ty Segall or "Meatbodies



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