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New Release - "Younger" by The Hails

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Released from Gainesville, Florida-based act The Hails, “Younger” is a sparkling new single with immediate charm. Serene vocals and quaint guitars establish the initial melody, with the vocals projecting a delicate melody during the bridge that leads to a brilliant hook — “it’s too late / you’re too late about it / tell me how it was when you were younger.”

Although the track isn’t breaking down any stylistic barriers, “Younger” is the type of track that tempts replay after replay with its breezy, blue-skied demeanor and tempting melodic shine. Wrapping up with a nice touch of synths, “Younger” is a winner from start to finish for the five-piece rock band from Gainesville.

The Hails have been a band for less than two years, yet in this short time they’ve been building a fan base around the state of Florida, with concentrations in Gainesville and Miami. Their first EP, Impel, was released on July 20, 2017.

The Hails’ music captures the attention of a variety of listeners. As one music blogger put it, “Their sound is a fresh cross between the grit of classic rock with the smooth undertones of new age alternative.” Since the five-song EP has been out, the band has already been receiving attention for their work and continues to gig heavily in Gainesville, while preparing to take their show across the United States.



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