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New Release - "W.P." by Asian Fred

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

"W.P." is a new single from Tucson-based Asian Fred, showing a warm vein of rock reminiscent of Dr Dog and Father John Misty. Asian Fred's first single, "W.P.", is from his upcoming, debut EP, releasing later this year.

Asian Fred is a musical project by Fred Huang of Tucson, Arizona. As an Asian-American, raised in the Southwestern United States, his experiences of culture and racial identity helped influence his songwriting. The lyrical content of songs often describe life experiences and observations from the perspective of an outsider attempting to make sense of the dominant culture.

Musically, multi-generational elements of Pop-Rock and R&B are combined to create a sound that feels nostalgic yet undeniably creative and fresh. On “W.P.”, Fred's vocals ride with suave precision, the “tidal wave,” hook at the 50-second mark – as well as the guitar emphasis around the two-minute point – standing out among several memorable moments.



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