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New Release - "Soylent Green" by Niki Moss

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Soylent Green is a first taste that introduces us to the architectural texture of Niki Moss’s (Miguel Vilhena) debut album, due after summer.

The sonic contrasts are evident from the multitude of ambiences in this single’s structure. Melancholic verses lead to explosive choruses that go through piercing metamorphoses. The analog universe coexists with a notable futurism feel punctuated by refined distortions and obsessively detailed arrangements that uncover an uncommon aesthetic. Cinema immortalized the quote “Soylent Green is people”, and this track dwells precisely on people and their shortcomings. This is a song about disappointments, expectations and blatant opportunism.

Niki Moss is Miguel Vilhena’s alter ego. The multi-instrumentalist musician founded the record label Pontiaq, fronted the band Savanna and is also responsible for producing a handful of Portuguese bands. We can now also discover his solo work.

Niki Moss announces his debut album with the single “Soylent Green” and promises to show his collection of work recorded, produced and mixed exclusively by himself. As for the origin of his name, motorsport enthusiasts will be best equipped to decipher it.



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