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New Release - “Someone Like You” by Villows

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Listen to “Someone Like You” by Villows.

Someone Like You” rides on trickling guitars and a sludgy bass crawl to start, traversing into an effervescent bridge that flutters melodically in leading to the infectious hook. 

The project of Vince Tobia, Villows deftly incorporates haunting guitar twangs with effective electronic-minded production, for a feel that remains lush and subdued despite its contagious melodic allure.

Per Tobia, the track is “about self-realization. Moreover, seeing yourself in another person, until finally you realize you don’t want to be anything like that person.”

Tobia explains: "I've been producing music since high school, and I've been improving my craft ever since. This project started as a hobby while I was attending the University Of Delaware, but it wasn't until after graduating that I took ideas to songs and started to accumulate a catalog of demos. A year later I chose 3 tracks for my 'Hazy Skies' EP which was released in September.  I love the beach, it's where I grew up, and it's a recurring theme throughout all of my music. I have written, recorded, and mixed every track on my own in my bedroom studio.  Same holds true with 'Someone Like You', a song about self-realization."



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