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New Release - "Not Obvious" by Firstworld

The alias of Kris Alvarez, Firstworld is a South Florida-based artist and producer. His tracks “Space” and “Not Obvious” precede the release of 'I’m Right Here', a 6-track EP that represents the project’s first big release, releasing on June 22nd.

Its aesthetic is blissfully reflective of the South Florida-based project's chill wave aesthetic. Chilled-out vocals, a tight bass line, and nocturnal synths help form this engaging aesthetic, with hooks abound over the blue/purple-tinted visuals.

“Firstworld began two years ago as an outlet for me to write darker, more lo-fi songs than what I was producing for my band at the time, Sigh Kicks,” Kris explains. “After Sigh Kicks split a couple of months after, Firstworld became my main project. It would turn out to be the first time I had been in a project where I was the primary songwriter, and also the first time I wouldn’t be using guitars in my music”

Alvarez has no reluctance to embrace the “chillwave” label in both sound and appearance, particularly fond of the genre’s early successes, like Washed Out’s around the time of 'Life of Leisure' or Neon Indian on 2009 epic 'Psychic Chasms'.

What initially began as an outlet to write darker more lo-fi songs has transformed into a full-fledged project currently boasting two other members, drummer Daniella Chamorro (formerly of Palette Town) and Joey Prats (Salas), with Alvarez as the principal composer.

Check out the video for Firstworld's "Not Obvious" below:



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