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Nashville's Soheill New Track "Behave"

From the artist: “Behave” was inspired by reaching a point where you tell yourself, “Enough is enough!” I really want people to feel what I felt when I wrote this song and hopefully can use it as a catalyst for the kind of change they’re seeking in their life.

Over the past few years, Soheill has transformed himself + his sound while staying true to his rock roots. He has become enthralled by the use of synthesizers and drum programming in his production to echo his lyrical and melodic interpretations.

“Being a producer and performer is a part of my journey that is very important to me. I’ve worked with many talented producers, but I felt like a part of me was missing. I wasn’t really expressing myself in the way that I envisioned. That is why I decided to fully produce all my music moving forward. I feel more honest and comfortable when creating in my home studio.”

In 2018, Soheill moved from Los Angeles to Nashville to change his perspective on life. During quarantine in 2020, Soheill explored his production style and wrote a number of songs that he plans to release as singles in 2021, including "Behave."



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