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Louisiana's Sorry Ghost Drop New Single "Swept Up"

Meet Sorry Ghost - a potent blend of optimism and frustration, loud and soft edges, encouragement and rejection. Childhood best friends brought together in the swampy lands of Louisiana. Dan is the spice to Matt's sizzle, the goof to his swagger. Maybe the tallest duo outside of Norway, Matt and Dan neatly package the dynamic pop punk sounds that soothed Dan's teen angst and the sparkling alt rock/indie vibes that made Matt the smooth operator he is today.

With "Swept Up," the latest in a string of singles released this summer, Sorry Ghost invites you to join them as they stumble through all the feels, reminding you to stop and smell the fun.

Of the new single, vocalist/bassist Dan says, "We couldn't be more excited for our latest single "Swept Up." The song marks the beginning of an exciting new direction for our band - one featuring glittery guitars, sharper production, and unforgettable anthems."



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