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Featured Release - "Skate Punx" by Today Junior

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Boston indie-rockers Today Junior started working on their newest project "Single Forever" in 2015, after the release of their album 'Ride The Surf."

The band explains, "we are constantly inspired by all the artists we listen to and have had the opportunity of seeing and/or playing with, so all of our music comes from a lot of different places. These ten songs reflect not only an expansion in sound and new experiences for our band, but also the conceptual idea of being alone in the world. Standing up as an individual, or feeling alone while pushing forward in this world is tough and something everyone experiences in a lot of different ways.”

“Being able to work in the Soul Shop with Elio DeLuca was an incredible experience for us. As a producer, he helped us expand the sound of our music. As a musician, he wrote and performed original parts for some of the songs on this album. He also showed us the amount of effort, time, and determination it takes to create something truly worthwhile.”

The Boston based indie-rock trio known for having wild and energetic live performances. With the creative wisdom of brothers Mike and Harry O'Toole, alongside Tony Ambrose, Today Junior presents upbeat and edgy music that is instantly catchy, but also carries its own stylistic charm.  With the releases of Ride The Surf (2015) and their EP Leaving Easy (2017), the band offers an addictive musical blend that has just been gaining steam the last few years, opening for bands such as Surf Curse, Jacuzzi Boys, Homeshake, So-So Glos, and Adult Books. The band released their latest full-length, 'Single Forever' on April 6th, 2018.



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