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ELKO Release New EP 'Painkiller Twilight'

Egyptian/Canadian nonbinary artist Elko blazed onto the alternative scene with their debut single “Drunk and Out of Town” in December 2019. Since then they've amassed released debut album “Love Was The Reason”, been featured on OnesToWatch, LyricalLemonade, Elevator and collaborated with international artists phem and Lil Lotus.

Photo: @nathanlau

Growing up in a Muslim household under parents who immigrated to Atlantic Canada from Egypt, Elko has always played the role of misfit, and their artistry is an extension of that disposition. Now, having released the PAINKILLER TWILIGHT EP, the theme of disillusionment mixed with an edge is blended into a modern, exciting encapsulation of young, post-genre music, a metaphor for our uncertain times.

Elko says, "As a kid I wasn’t allowed to express myself in so many ways, my sense of self had been really distorted. A few years ago I moved to Toronto and things started to change, but there were a lot of growing pains. Painkiller Twilight is in many ways a narration of things I went through figuring out how to not feel disconnected all the time. It’s about still pushing through and exploring identity after being fucked up by life."

PAINKILLER TWILIGHT was written during quarantine and features production from Jeff Hazin (glaive, renforshort), Colin Munroe (Ryan Woods, Roderick Porter), Caleb Jacob (lilyisthatyou) and Elko.

The lead single “Dishonest” is accompanied by a music video shot by Cincinnati media outlet Soul Serum (Jack Keys).



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