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Meditation Hymns for an Electronic Age - Holy Pink

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Written by Ida V. Eskamani

Pure cosmic magic.

Holy Pink cultivate a captivating and transformative reality in their newest work, Meditation Hymns for an Electronic Age. In five masterfully produced tracks, the Los Angeles-based electro duo of Anna Wallace and Tim Murray suspend time and expand consciousness with oscillating synths that mesmerize, and vocals that are as delicate as they are dogged.

Drawing inspiring from the peaks, valleys and deserts of southern California, this album emanates a kaleidoscope of color, paired with an atmospheric undercurrent that locks the listener in a trance. It transports to unexpected but absolutely necessary places, and demands self-reflection.

The opening track eludes to this impending journey, as Wallace’s distorted vocals contend “I am headed underground.” Cosmic instrumentals follow, as Wallace grabs your hand and together, leap into the most beautiful and revealing black hole. What’s on the other side is entirely up to your state of mind; but it is guaranteed to move you.


Ida is an Iranian-American from Florida who grew up with the Beatles, and came of age in the pit. She will talk to you about music for as long as you will pretend to listen. She is founder of Bandifesto, a little blog with a big heart.



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