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Iggy T and the Crazymakers Are Here to Be Heard

By Bandifesto

Iggy T and the Crazymakers, led by Sarah Todd and David Franz, released their first full-length album earlier this month.

When she got together with veteran music producer and engineer David Franz, it was like magic: “Sarah and I met in the dark, on opposite sides of an outdoor jam circle. We heard each other playing and singing before even seeing each other, and immediately after the first song we jammed together, we knew we had to make music together. In the music world, I’m not sure how much more meant-to-be it can get."

Rooted in kismet, Iggy T and the Crazymakers embrace the Queer experience and its intersections in their work. "I Don't Know Your Pain" is a track written in solidarity with the movement for Black lives. The band released the track early in an effort to raise funds for the NAACP Education fund. Their track "Cake" centers the Bisexual experience. As Todd states, there's often "...erasure or misunderstanding of what it means to be bisexual." The band made this track available free of license charge to any virtual Pride parades in need throughout the month of June.



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